We are problem-solvers, multidisciplinary and multi-respectful. Do you want to know what we do?

We started our journey in 1978 with Plastinsa, from then until today, we have been growing and evolving. In Spain we are leaders in merchandising and POS (Point Of Sale) products and pioneers in the development of large-format injected products that are decorated with IML (In-Mold-Labeling).

Our evolution has paralleled that of the tastes and needs of our clients and consumers. During these years we have constantly analyzed trends and lifestyles and we have been adapting and reinventing ourselves until today, when we say goodbye Plastinsa and hello Macfly Design & Manufacturing Concepts.

At DMC Macfly we are still problem-solvers, if you have an idea and need to turn it into a product, just let us know and we will develop it for you; multidisciplinary, we work with all kinds of materials and technologies and print on countless surfaces; and multi-respectful, we develop new products made with sustainable materials.

That is what we are at DMC Macfly, we do not abandon the world of plastic, we give it a second life, we reinvent ourselves to be more respectful towards the planet, but we continue to work together with our clients to reinforce their brand and create unforgettable moments.

Quality, design and service made in Spain

In addition, we do it by manufacturing in Spain, providing great quality and adding value to our products. In our two production plants in Valencia we cover the entire process from design to production and distribution of our products. A sourcing system based on product quality and high-definition digital printing, improving costs and response times.

From DMC Macfly we commercialize and distribute our products to countries in Europe, North America and South America, giving an immediate response to each request with our team of professionals who offer effective technical support to our clients. We work to be the best in service.

To our traditional products: ice buckets, napkin holders, blackboards, menu holders, openers, displays, clocks, made with a wide variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, tinplate or ceramic, we now join an extensive range of articles made with wood.



Furthermore, in our search for new materials, more sustainable and respectful with the environment, we have also created a range of articles produced with material from the collection of marine plastic waste, achieving a 100% recycled and recyclable product. In addition, we manufacture products with ecological DM, without added formaldehyde.

In 2021 we are going to immerse ourselves in the circular economy in an already advanced phase, achieving that the plastic waste from our products is managed correctly and returns to our facilities to give them a second life.

The customization of our products also plays an important role, because to us every client is unique. We have multiple options for customization such as screen printing, pad printing, lithography, thermo-printing, decals and In-Mold-Labeling (IML).

In our new production center DMC Macfly we also carry out laser cutting and digital printing processes, using FSC certified materials and Greenguard-certified printing inks.

Our clients are our most valuable asset and we can affirm that many of the biggest multinational companies in the food and beverage industry are putting their trust in us for many years now.

DMC Macfly is made up of four sections or specialties to make all ideas and projects come true. Let us tell you in detail:

We turn your ideas and projects into reality

In the injection section we produce the best promotional items for the Beverage sector. We have the widest range of the market in ice buckets, napkin holders, trays, jugs, bar caddies and other accessories.

We produce exclusive items for each client. By customizing the molds we can decorate the items in 4c directly in the machine, avoiding a subsequent passage in other decoration areas, which results in significant energy savings and less environmental impact.

Furthermore we produce industrial items such as handles and caps for water and oil bottles, buckets, tubs and other items for the sector.

We shape

In the tooling section we give shape to our clients’ ideas, analyze and design the products. The main items we manufacture in this section are molds for plastic injection and stretch blow molding in both PET and Polyethylene materials.


First, we design the form of the future mold in 3D. Thus we gain the data necessary for the product to be and the development of the mold. The processes necessary to mechanize the molds and sets of parts are created by computer. They are sent to CNC machines, where molds and sets of parts are manufactured and verified. Once these pass the quality control, they move to the polishing, adjustment and assembly area. And they are ready for our client.

We customize

In the screen-printing section, the products are personalized, with final artworks supplied by our clients or prepared by our design department.

The techniques applied are manifold, but it is worth highlighting screen printing, pad printing and thermo-engraving. We have semi-automatic screen-printing machines for cylindrical shapes, manual screen-printing for flat surfaces, pad printing, flat thermoengraving and cylindrical thermoengraving.

In this section, we also realize all kinds of handling as well as the necessary processes to assemble articles that consist of various components and the packaging for kit projects. Our facilities are equipped with ultrasonic welding machines, blistering machines, bagging machines, assembly lines, automatic sealing machines, labeling machines, wrapping machines, etc.

We produce

The DMC Macfly production area coordinates the tasks of internal and external production processes in order to guarantee the delivery times requested by the client and ensure quality.

We have a network of specialized suppliers that supply us with the raw materials or semi-finished products necessary to complete the final product in our facilities.

The raw material that we mainly use in this section is wood that, if required by the client, can comply with CARB2 Compilant, US EPA or TSCA Tittle VI Compilant certifications, which are related to low formaldehyde composition and with FSC or PEFC certifications to promote the sustainability of forests.

Other raw materials we work with are sheet plastics, such as methacrylate and polypropylene; injected plastics of own production; metals such as steel, oven-painted iron and aluminum; complementary materials such as leather, paper or ceramics.




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