About macfly?

Macfly is the result of a constant evolution, like the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

The place where we now stand and where we are heading to in years to come.

We were born 42 years ago as Plasticos Inyectados SA and we have been in constant evolution ever since. DMC Macfly is the answer to a need of change, to update our image, to comprehend what we are today and what we would like to be in the future, sharing this amazing ride with all of you.

Empresa 3

We started out as a small tooling and injection plastic workshop, making lids, handles and containers for the food industry. Slowly but surely we expanded our product range.

Empresa 4

In the late 1970s we started developing marketing and promotional solutions (known today as POS) with the aim of achieving premium brand exposure for our customers at the point of sale.

Ice buckets, napkin boxes, blackboards, wall clocks, bottle openers, exhibitors… became the stars of our catalogs.

Empresa 3

In the late 1990s we went abroad and founded our subsidiary Plastinsa LTD in HK to better serve and control the needs of our customers in the Asian markets.

Empresa 4

In 2003 we were pioneers for In-mold labelling techniques for large format plastic containers in Spain.

Digital Printing techniques to improve product branding, avoiding post-processing assemblies, reducing production costs and shortening delivery times.

In 2010 we took another turn, another fly dive!

Analyzing the latest market trends we developed a vast range of newly designed wooden articles. Wood manufactured products today include 2/3 of our total portfolio.

Since standing still is not in our DNA, during the COVID crisis of 2020, we invested to enlarge and multiply by 3 our production facilities with the goal of finding better and more sustainable ways to operate.

Who said fear? We are not afraid to keep trying! Let us be part of your world. Let’s all work together for a better world. Let Macfly be part of your world.